This Sunday, I went to the Lipton X African Artists Foundation literature party. According to the invite I got, the purpose of the event was to celebrate the works of some of Nigeria’s bold creative voices and #SpoilerAlert, they certainly did.
Like most of us, I’m familiar with the Lipton brand as we grew up drinking the stuff but I’d never been to the AAF before. Finding the location was a bit difficult, it’s right at the end of a close but I’ve never had to navigate into a close so damned narrow. Other than that, the event went great.
The whole place is decked in all forms of art like paintings, sculptures, graffiti, photography, the whole shebang.






I don’t know if this is prevalent among the artsy folk (this is the first art-ish event I’ve gone for) but everyone was really friendly and easygoing. People kept walking up to me to take pictures of my earrings for the Yellow Of Lagos scavenger hunt (my earrings were yellow) and as it so happens, I like posing for pictures.


Meal tickets were given for free drinks and food (this was a very nice surprise, what can I say, I love free stuff). I got a ‘punchea’ which is  tea mixed with juice, syrup and lime juice and it was yummy. Unfortunately, I lost my ticket before the food was distributed but I ate from my friend’s plate so that was fine.




I also loved the yellow theme of the event (one of my favourite colours!) and it made the ambience lovely.


The event was slated to begin by 5:30PM but it didn’t properly start until after 6:00PM with recitations from the poets and wow! I was blown away, especially by Koromone Koroye, now, if you don’t know who that is just think of the word fierce because that’s exactly what she is.
After the performance, there was a discussion among the authors and oh! Almost forgot to mention, M.I was around!


The only downside for me was that the event was a bit short. It started properly around 6PM and a little after 7PM, the recitals were over. I also wished the other authors had gotten to perform, only two out of five poets did. However asides that, I loved every minute of it, it got me to appreciate art as I mentioned in my instagram post HERE plus I got to meet a lot of cool people.


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