So excited to share Havilah’s body and skin care oils with you guys! I have two products to review that each help soften and nourish your skin and leave it feeling baby soft plus the added benefit of it being all natural.
Havilah Oils is perfect for the modern minimalist. One of my favorite things about their products is their packaging which just screams, “take an Instagram photo!”
Coconut Oil
I’m pretty sure everyone and their mother uses coconut oil by now. I personally use coconut oil a lot on my skin and hair. It makes my hair soft and shiny plus it has antibacterial and antifungal properties, which keep infections and flakiness at bay.
As for my skin, to everyone who’s ever asked why my skin is always glowing, this is the secret.
The oil is very easy to apply and has a coconutty fragrance which I LOVE and at N1500, it’s a steal.
Sweet Almond Oil
This is definitely a new favourite! It was my first time using sweet almond oil and I Stan. I love how it glides onto my skin and leaves it feeling smooth and soft. Like the coconut oil, it doesn’t leave a greasy after-feel. It leaves my skin glistening and it’s scented with vanilla essential oil goodness.
You guys, it smells sooo GOOD! Want smooth, yummy smelling skin? You should definitely get this and at just N2500, it’s a bargain.
Another thing I’m very excited about with this product is it’s very hygienic stopper which also allows for easy application of the oils. So you don’t have to worry about oil spilling everywhere when you want to use it.
I’m absolutely in love with these. They can be gotten from HERE. Make sure you try them out and let me know what you think!

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