I’m on a roll with Nigerian brands and I’m loving it 🎵. I can’t believe how ignorant I was about the many many indigenous skincare and beauty brand we have here and so I’ve made it my business to try as many of them as I can.

Terica is a Nigerian organic skincare brand that has been around for a while. Everything they stock is homemade and all natural (isn’t that the best?)

I received their brightening skin polish and body bronzer about two weeks ago and I have been using both on a daily basis and quick disclaimer; I love these products.

The brightening skin polish is not just your typical black soap; it also has aloe vera, orange peel powder, lemon powder, goat milk and a couple of other stuff which makes it a GREAT exfoliant plus it doesn’t have that overpowering smell other black soaps have. It lathers and rinses off well too, there nothing more annoying than that slimy feeling you’re left when using deeply moisturizing soaps (you know the one).

The body bronzer is my absolute fav! Think luxurious shea butter mixed with a glow oil because it literally does what it’s called: it bronzes and leaves the skin with this subtle glow. Ashy skin who? I also love that the mix has been whipped to perfection and so what you get is a body glow soufflé with a banging smell.

Where to buy: you can find them HERE.

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